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Workplace Wellness Ideas: 
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Get Healthy CT aims to provide businesses with ideas that will facilitate healthy behaviors of their employees to improve employee satisfaction, productivity and showcase the employer as a role model for health. To support this, we will provide a “Workplace Wellness Idea” each month that employers can implement at low or no cost.

Featured Workplace Wellness Idea #24: Healthy Food Donations   

As an employer, you can help your employees support the health of their community by asking them to donate healthy foods to local food programs.  Hunger is a real issue in our community.  According to the Connecticut Food Bank and Feeding America, 13.1% or 472,540 Connecticut residents are food insecure, and one out of every 5 children is food insecure.   An increasing number of residents in CT have been relying on the Connecticut Food Bank each year. In 2015, the CT Food Bank prepared more than 18.5 million meals to people in six counties, making food banks vitally important to our community.

Why is it important to donate healthy food?  Health and hunger are connected. According to Feeding America’s Hunger in America 2014 Study, one-third of the households using food banks reported having a family member with diabetes and two-thirds of households reported having to choose between paying for food and paying for medicine or medical care. People who face hunger are at a greater risk for diet-sensitive diseases including Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart attacks, and have poorer health outcomes.

Local food drives often collect our unwanted pantry items, like boxed and canned foods, which are often high in salt, sugar and other additives that can lead to poor health.  Next time you donate, think about some healthier items you can give that can help create an impact on the health of your community.  Encouraging employees to donate healthy food can benefit the well-being of the community.

Read our entire Workplace Wellness Idea #24 for ideas on healthy food options to donate and read the Healthy Food Donation list for even more ideas.  

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